ADR approuved exhausted batteries bins

The 300/600/700 PLUS exhausted batteries bins are suitable for the transport and storage of exhausted batteries in compliance with the ADR regulations.
They can be stored outdoors and can be stacked and fork-over with transpallet and forklift.
The overlap is possible by means of 4 pins printed directly on the upper part of the bins that fit into the special holes on the bottom of the feet of the container above.
They are easy to clean thanks to the smooth internal walls and do not absorb odors and humidity.
The caissons are equipped with two runners on the long side and resist deformation thanks to their structural rigidity.

All models are equipped with an identification label showing the 4 types of stockable batteries. In particular, the model 600 has another label on the opposite side for the type of lithium batteries.
Standard color gray RAL 7001.

The approved battery containers can be equipped with lid, tap, screw cap and ball cap.

Available models:

300 PLUS bin:
suitable for UN 2794, UN 2795, UN 2800 and UN 3028 batteries – capacity Kg. 300
700 PLUS bin:
suitable for UN 2794, UN 2795, UN 2800 and UN 3028 batteries – capacity Kg. 500
600 PLUS bin:
suitable for UN 2794, UN 2795, UN 2800, UN 3028 batteries and UN 3091 lithium batteries – capacity Kg. 500

Features300 PLUS for batteries600 PLUS for batteries700 PLUS for batteries
External size1000x700x h 650 mm1200x800x h 850 mm1200x1000x830h mm
Internal size940x640x h 550 mm1120x740x h 690 mm1120x920x655h mm
Gap between feet   
Short side505 mm600 mm800 mm
long side604 mm830 mm830 mm
Height of feet120 mm120 mm120 mm
Capacity max:297 dm3550 dm3680 dm3
Maximum charge300 Kg500 Kg500 Kg
Maximum charge in piling900 Kg1500 Kg1500 Kg
Caissons weight17,6 kg30,5 Kg40 Kg

The UN 2794, UN 2795, UN 2800 and UN 3028 battery bins can be stacked up to a maximum of 3 while the 600 PLUS caissons if used with UN 3091 lithium batteries must not be stacked.

It is also forbidden to store normal batteries and lithium batteries together.

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