Benched vacuum machines (horizontal)

BENCHED VACUUM MACHINES (horizontal): models and differences

vacuum_exampleVacuum packaging machines are equipment that allow, for example in the food industry, to prolong food storage and avoid contamination.

Horizontal bench models offer fast vacuum suction and are suitable for small to medium sized productions.

Each packaging machine is equipped with a digital panel, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the times of suction and welding, and a volumetric indicator that helps in the regulation of the suction time (you will get an excellent suction when the indicator arrow will point on the green).

The operator must insert the bag to be sealed in the tank and, by lowering the lid, the machine will automatically start working for the presetted time. Once the vacuum has been vacuumed, the packaging machine will proceed introducing the technical gas (in the models that provide this function) and welding the bag.

At the end of the cycle, the lid opens automatically and allows the tank to be emptied.

Each machine can weld standard vacuum or specific cooking bags.

These versions cannot weld aluminium bags.



They are available in 4 models:

  • Chamber vacuum machines model DZ260 T – 260 mm front bar



Small machine with 8m3/h vacuum pump and 385x282x100mm tank; it is recommended for thin products (height up to 100mm) such as cold cuts.




  • Chamber vacuum machines model DZ400 2T – 2 side bars of 400benched_vacuum_machine_DZ400_2t

This model has a slightly larger size than the previous one, but with two imported improvements, namely the 20 m3/h vacuum pump and the two 400 mm lateral sealing bars. The tank has dimensions 320x420x70/130mm.

The 2 side sealing bars allow to pack several bags at the same time and therefore to halve the cycle times.

In addition, for this model is available a variant with a technical gas inlet valve, which allows to lengthen the storage time of the food. Through a special button you can adjust the gas injection time.

The tank lid is convex in the central part and this allows to work with bags up to 130 mm high.



  • Chamber vacuum machines model DZ400 T – 370 mm front bar

benched_vacuum_machine_DZ400TThis model differs from the previous one due to the presence of a single 370 mm front sealing bar and for the increased tank dimensions (400x370x120/180 mm); the pump power is 20m3/h.

Also in this case the lid is centrally convex and there will be the possibility of choosing between the standard model and the one equipped with a valve for gas injection.





  • Chamber vacuum machines model DZ500 T – 470 mm front barbenched_vacuum_machine_dz500t

Compared to the previous two this model has the dimensions of the tank increased (500×460 mm); as in the case of the DZ400 T there is only one 470 mm sealing bar and you can always choose between the standard model and the one with gas inlet valve. The vacuum pump is always 20 m3/h.

This model is suitable for packaging medium-large cuts of meat, jars and bags.

The cycle time is approximately 30 seconds.







Each of the above models can be accessorised with a wheeled support 880 mm high and, except for the DZ260 T model, a filter for dusty products may be requested during the purchase, which prevents any damage caused by possible residues.

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