Welding machines for bags

Welding machines for bags

WELDING COUPLED AND POLYPROPYLENE BAGS When it is necessary to weld bags of food in coupled or polypropylene, it is possible to orientate on welding machines with double welding bar specifically designed to weld this type of material. Thanks to the double sealing bar, bags in coupled material and with […]

Welding coupled and polypropylene bags

WELDING MACHINES FOR BLISTERS: models and characteristics   The portable welders are small equipment particularly suitable for the welding of trays and plastic blisters. The welding punches, which they are equipped, transmit heat to the plastic material and instantly weld it with a resistant point that replaces the dangerous staples. […]

Welding machines for blisters

Manual sealing claps: types and uses. When you have the need to seal bags and envelopes in different positions within companies, factories and other workplaces, you can easily solve the problem by choosing a welding clamp. These can be transported easily, have a low weight and allowing to close even bags […]

Manual sealing clamps: types and uses

SACKS AND BAGS SEALERS Sealing equipments allows you to join two flaps of sealable materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, trays). They are normally used to hermetically close bags made of polyethylene, polypropylene, laminated materials (aluminum or paper). Depending on the use and thickness of the material to be sealed may have sealing bars of  2, […]

Sacks and bags sealers