Dosers: types and differences

Professional dosers are usually used when you need to dose a certain amount of product usually to package it or to create compounds.

The choice of the dispenser depends mainly on the type of product to be packaged, on the weighing and on the accuracy to be maintained.


Professional dosers

The dosage of granular products such as croquettes, candies, corn, rice grains, coffee beans, granular metal pieces, glue granules, etc. can be done using a vibrating channel dispenser.
This type of dispenser is equipped with a keypad through which it is possible to choose the desired weight.
The dosing of the product takes place through the vibration of two or more vibrating channels.
The product, by means of vibration, falls into the load cell which constantly controls the weight and stops the vibration when the desired weight is reached.

At the end of the dosage, the operator, by means of an electric pedal, drops the product inside the bag. The dispenser then starts to vibrate again, preparing the next dose.

The bag can then be sealed using a semiautomatic sealing machine or a continuous sealing machine.

The bag can then be sealed using a semiautomatic sealing machine or a continuous sealing machine.


powder products dosers

The dusty products are instead usually dosed using screw feeders.

The dosing system of the auger doser is constituted by a screw, suitably sized, which by rotating makes the product go down.
Depending on the diameter of the screw and the revolutions, a certain amount of product descends
The calculation is performed automatically by the dispenser itself.


volumetric cups doser

Another type of volumetric dispenser is the cup dispenser.
The cup dispenser is usually a cheaper dispenser than the other types as it is more difficult to adjust.
The cups must in fact be adjusted manually and the weighing range is considerably reduced compared to other types of dosers.
It is particularly useful when there is only one type of product to be dosed and you do not want to change the dosed quantity often.


Creams and sauces doser

There are also professional dosers for dosing creams and liquids.
They consist of a piston which, moving through compressed air, fills the cylinder with a preset volume of product.
Returning to the initial position, the piston empties the cylinder and discharges the product into a bag or can placed by the operator.

The cream dispenser has a loading hopper in the upper part and the creams descend by falling and by the effect of the piston suck.
The model for liquids, on the other hand, is equipped with a tube that is immersed in the liquid to be dosed.

Cream doser – example with spreadable cream
Liquid doser – test with bottles

For the choice of the right dispenser it is therefore necessary to consider the type, the quantity of product to be inserted in the bags and the desired precision.
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