Stainless steel rotating accumulation tables

The rotating accumulation table is generally used in the final part of the packaging lines and facilitates the unloading of the packages; thus facilitating the picking operations by the operator.

Rotating tables in stainless steel

The stainless steel accumulation tables exist in a concave and convex version (suitable for accumulating bags and packs) or flat (suitable for bottles, cans and products that can be turned over).

The flat stainless steel version is equipped with a containment rod while the concave tables do not have standard containment systems because the products accumulate in the center.

The flat rotary tables can be equipped with various accessories to create real accumulation and sorting areas at the end of the product processing lines.
The flat version models can be equipped with double containment rod, closed side with a height of 50 mm, exit chute, loading system for incoming products, diverter for aligning outgoing products, diverter for incoming products.

MODELTurntables in stainless steel 
Table top diametermm. 800-1000-1200-1400
Variable speedfrom 4 to 9 rpm/min
Installed powerKw. 0,18
Power supply380V three-phase
Standard height of the planmm. from 770 to 850

Flat rotating tables in stainless steel – covered in nylon

In addition to the aforementioned models, there are also flat tables made with a stainless steel structure but covered in nylon. These, like all flat models, are particularly suitable for products that could tip over such as cans or bottles.

MODELTurntables with nylon plan
Table top diametermm. 800 – 1200 – 1400
Installed powerKw. 0,18
Power supply380V three-phase
Standard height of the planmm. from 770 to 850

The accumulation tables must be associated with other equipment such as continuous sealers, roller conveyors or conveyor belts.

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