The project

The project Sos-Packaging

informazioni1The project “SOS-packaging” is born from the desire to make public and available more important information and advice about the world of packaging and handling.
Finding the right equipment such as sewing machines for bags, welding equipment bags, markers for lot and expiration, handling systems or weighing close to home is much less simple than to buy the products most requested by the public and private (food, clothes, equipment from hardware etc ..).

Fortunately, the world of business has changed in a few years
The geographical proximity of the supplier of machinery and consumer products has become less important.
This increase in opportunities has led to an increase in goods from all sources and quality and placing on the market of information confusing and sometimes just truthful.

The articles and information contained in this blog is derived from practical tests carried out by the staff FERPLAST (, who has decided to share the results of tests and will help the customers in choosing the right equipment.

However, this blog is for information only and the information and prices may change without notice.

Ferplast, present on the market since 1983 and known manufacturer of packaging machines in Northern Italy, has expanded its catalog by entering a significant amount of products, differentiating between models for intensive production and models for limited production, in order to be can provide both large industrial companies both small producers and companies in developing countries.

The availability of professional products for prompt delivery and high discounts, has led to an increase in requests for offers and information about the packaging.

Every reality as well as having different investment options, has different requirements related to production to be made, timing and type of equipment used.

The small producer can not be directed to machines too expensive. At the same time those who work in an intensive way, must choose the most suitable machine for not having of stoppages that compromise the machining speed.

It ‘important to understand the need of each customer and propose the machine best suited to their specific needs. This happens to the client, saving money but, at the same time, encouraging him a model sustainable and appropriate to their needs.

Staff Ferplast, before recommending a machine for a particular application, make sure it is fit for the job they will be performing, becoming possibly send a sample of the product and carrying out, where possible, free trials.

It ‘gave rise to the idea of closing the information, samples and test results in this blog, where anyone can view test results and be more informed about a topic not well known so they can choose the best machine for your specific needs.

Please note: All prices quoted in the models are taken as samples at the time of writing and are only indicative. They may change at any time without notice.
To seek more precise information contact us or visit the official website (