Glue for gluing machines

The professional stick and granule gluing machines are usually used in the industrial sector, to couple mechanical parts or in the packaging sector for closing cardboard boxes. Hot melt glue is available in different colors, toughness and drying to meet different market needs.

Depending on the use and the amount of glue used, the gluing machines can work with:

Stick with mm. 12 diameter

Stick with diameter mm. 12 and length mm. 200
They are normally used with manual “guns” and are dissolved at the time of use. Are available in transparent, pale yellow or colored and there is also a high-adhesion version for gluing plastic or metal surfaces.
Typeuniversalgood holdhigh adhesiveness
ColorTransparentPale yellowTransparent
Dry residue100%100%100%
Operating temperature180° – 200°C180° – 200°C180° – 200°C
Open time20 – 25 seconds20 – 25 seconds30 – 40 seconds
Setting time7 seconds5 seconds10 seconds
Softening temperature82°C ± 2°C80°C ± 2°C79°C ± 2°C
Viscosity6.000 mPa.s ± 10%6.500 mPa.s +/-10%6.500 mPa.s ± 10%

Loose granules for glueing machines with tank and melters

Glue in granule suitable for gluing machines with internal tank or for external melting tanks in which it is dissolved in greater quantities to be always ready for use and reduce waiting times. In some sectors it is also used in a removable version that does not damage the surfaces and leaves no residues.
Dry residue100%
Operating temperature200°C
Open time20 – 25 seconds
Setting time5 seconds
Softening temperature90°C +/- 2° 
Viscosity15.000 mPa.s ± 10%

Rods and cylinders for gluing machines with tank and melters

Small cylinders/cylinders usable in gluing machines with tank or melters. It is available in a high-adhesion version, in transparent color, pale yellow or quick-drying. The cylinders can also be inserted in the electro-pneumatic gluing machines and are very convenient as, unlike the granules, it is avoided accidentally dispersing it during loading.
Typesmall cylinders 35×12 mmcylinders 43×43 mmcylinders 43×43 mm
Colortransparenttransparent/yellowmatt yellow
Dry residue 100%100%100%
Operating temperature180-200°C180-200°C180-200°C
Open time30-40 seconds15-20 seconds5-10 seconds
Setting time5 seconds4 seconds3 seconds
Softening temperature79°C +/- 2° 75°C +/- 2° 112°C +/- 2°
Viscosity6.500 mPa.s ± 10%4.300 mPa.s ± 10%2000 mPa.s +/-10%

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