200 Lt. drums liquid collection tanks

Drums collection tanks are used to safely store the containers of polluting liquids in order to prevent contamination in particular of the aquifers.

All liquid collection tanks are watertight and equipped with a liftable support surface. They can also be moved and lifted with a forklift or transpallet.

Depending on the model, they can be made of metal with a galvanized grid or of high-strength polyethylene.

Available models:

Metal tanks for 1, 2 or 4 drums

The collection tanks are watertight, oven painted with epoxy powders and the support surface is in hot galvanized grating. The side safety bulkhead makes them suitable for storage. The models equipped with high-smoothness wheels can be easily moved within the storage areas. The side safety bulkhead makes them suitable for storage. They can be lifted with a forklift or a pallet truck.

Width Lmm. 850mm. 1340mm. 1290mm. 2660
Depth Pmm. 850mm. 850mm. 1250mm. 855
Height Hmm. 400mm.330mm.250mm. 400
Capacitylt. 205lt. 230lt. 270lt. 600
Weight Kg. 45Kg. 56Kg. 87Kg. 100

Polyethylene tanks for 2-4 drums

Drums collection tanks made of sturdy polyethylene and suitable for the safe storage of 2 or 4 200-liter drums. Lightweight and very resistant, they can be moved with forklift and transpallet and stacked to reduce transport costs. They are resistant to most acids, bases and oils. They are available in orange (green on request).

MODEL Storage capacityDimensions (mm)LoadCapacityWeight
FPD2 PE2 drums1020x1420x520Kg. 650370 Lt.40 Kg.
FPD4 PE4 drums1420x1420x520Kg. 1000550 Lt.59 Kg.

Polyethylene tank for 2 drums in horizontal

Collection tank made of polyethylene with a capacity of 450 liters, suitable for the storage and emptying of drums containing dangerous liquids. Resistant to most acids, bases and oils and resistant to rust, it allows safe storage and prevents dangerous liquids from spilling into groundwater. It can be loaded with a forklift truck or moved with a transpallet when not in use. The standard color of the tub is green.

Suitable for2 drums
Load400 kg.
Capacity450 lt.
Tank dimensionsmm. 1320x1370x610h
Weight60 Kg.

Modular platforms for drum emptying – connectable

Modular collection platforms suitable for the safe storage and emptying of drums containing polluting liquids. Resistant to most acids, bases and oils and resistant to rust, they allow safe storage and prevent spills of dangerous liquids into groundwater. The module consists of a collection base and a polyethylene grid.
The platforms can be connected to each other by means of special fittings to form real work floors. The standard color is orange.

Load600 Kg
Capacity160 lt.
Module dimensions1320x1320x155h mm
Grid dimensions1200×1200 mm
Total weight43 Kg

Each container must be stored with a tank of adequate size and capacity to avoid the leakage of excess liquids or soil contamination.

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