Sewing machines for bags

Sewing machines for bags suitable for closing jute, paper, fabric and plastic bags. They can also sew mesh bags and collection nets, for example for olives or hazelnuts and anti-hail sheets.
The staplers are available in the version with 220V power supply or in the portable version with backpack kit, battery charger and 12V battery.

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Sewing machines for bags: maintenance and settings. Sewing machines for bags and nets are simple to use and do not require special maintenance. In this article we will describe the main replacement parts, consumable materials and adjustments that you can normally perform. Although we will provide information generally valid for all […]

Sewing machines for bags: maintenance and settings

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WHAT ARE THE SEWING MACHINES FOR BAGS AND NETS? The sewing machines for bags are practical and easy to handle equipment suitable for joining paper and plastic bags for packaging, jute bags, olive harvesting nets, shading cloths, medium-heavy fabrics, fabric and rubberized and laminated carpets with a chain stitch. rubber. […]

Sewing machines for bags and nets: typology