Drums and IBC containers tanks

The drums and IBC containers are suitable for the storage of food or chemical raw materials.
Since these are equipment that contain liquid substances, to store them safely and to avoid contamination of the aquifers it is advisable to use specific containment tanks or cabinets.

The 1000 liter HDPE IBC contaienrs are suitable for containing different types of liquids. Depending on the model, they can be used for storing water, wine and oil, or in the ADR/ONU approved models also for polluting substances such as chemicals or diesel. The containment tanks are used to safely […]

Containment tanks for 1000 liters IBC containers

Drums collection tanks are used to safely store the containers of polluting liquids in order to prevent contamination in particular of the aquifers. All liquid collection tanks are watertight and equipped with a liftable support surface. They can also be moved and lifted with a forklift or transpallet. Depending on […]

200 Lt. drums liquid collection tanks