Containment tanks for 1000 liters IBC containers

The 1000 liter HDPE IBC contaienrs are suitable for containing different types of liquids. Depending on the model, they can be used for storing water, wine and oil, or in the ADR/ONU approved models also for polluting substances such as chemicals or diesel.

The containment tanks are used to safely store the containers of polluting liquids in order to prevent contamination in particular of the aquifers.

Depending on the model, they can be made of metal with a galvanized grid or of high-strength polyethylene.

Available models:

Metal tanks without and with perch

Containment tanks, specific for 1000 liter IBC containers. They are available for the storage of 1 or 2 cisterns and are divided into flat models or with perch.
The collection tanks are watertight, oven painted with RAL 5010 blue epoxy powders. The support surface is in hot galvanized grating and is removable. The tanks are equipped with special seats for forking with a forklift.

FLATSuitable forCapacity LenghtWidthHeight
FPB826S1 IBC 1000 ltmm. 1350mm. 1650mm. 640
FPB8070C2 IBCs1000 ltmm. 2720mm. 1650mm. 350
WITH PERCHSuitable forCapacity LenghtWidhtHeight
FPB826C1 IBC1000 ltmm. 1350mm. 1650mm. 1110
FPB8070T2 IBCs1000 ltmm. 2720mm. 1650mm. 815

Tanks in polyethylene PE – for 1 or 2 IBC containers

Containment tanks made of sturdy, non-toxic polyethylene, U. V. stabilized, with removable grid. They are suitable for the safe storage and emptying of 1000 liter tanks.
The tanks can be fork-over with forklift and transpallet and can be superimposed to facilitate storage when not in use. They are resistant to most acids, bases and oils.
The standard color is orange but it is also possible to request the tubs in high visibility yellow.

MODELSuitable forDimensions LxPxH mm.LoadCapacity
FPC1 1000 PE1 IBC1420x1420x1000hKg. 15001150 Lt.
FPC2 1000 PE2 IBCs2400x1420x740hKg. 25001400 Lt.

Modular tanks for IBC and containers

Modular tanks that can be placed side by side and connected in series for the safe storage and tapping of up to 4 drums side by side or containers containing liquids. Resistant to most acids, bases and oils and resistant to rust, they allow safe storage. The tanks can be moved with a forklift and transpallet and are stackable. They are designed for connection to each other and are supplied with connection fitting. The standard color is orange.

MODELmodule FPDE40
Load1600 Kg
Capacity560 lt.
Module dimensions1500x1500x400 h mm
Useful module dimensions1200×1200 mm
Total weight68 Kg

Each container must be stored with a tank of adequate size and capacity to avoid the leakage of excess liquids or soil contamination.

Contact us for any information, together we will find the solution that best suits your needs.

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