Automatic markers

AUTOMATIC MARKERS: models and operation


automatic_marker-fp_my380Automatic markers are equipment that allows printing of expiry date and product lot on paper, plastic or aluminium foil packages using solid ink roller technology and are particularly suitable for medium-high productions.

They are provided with a head inside whom hosts the ink roller and the type-holder in which the brass characters are inserted manually. The operator must wait for about ten minutes, so that the inked roller reaches the right working temperature.

While waiting, it is possible to adjust the loader so that the products to be marked are taken one at a time: after loading a dozen cases, you can start marking in “flapper mode” by pressing the appropriate button and checking that the cases are picked up one at a time.

When the solid ink roller has reached the temperature you can proceed with the adjustment of the print position: even in this case you load a couple of cases and, pressing the appropriate button, you start the marker in “flapper + print mode” “.

If the printing is not carried out at the desired point, it can be adjusted, in the direction of advancement of the box, through the knobs A and B going to change the first with centimetres and with the second millimetres. To adjust the print position in the lateral direction, you have to physically move the case on the loader or move the printing head (on models MY 300 and MY 480 only). automatic_marker-fp_my300Thanks to these modifications and the presence of a photocell, the print will be accurate to the millimetre on each case.

Thanks to the keypad and the integrated piece counter, it is possible to enter the number of pieces to be marked and the marker will print until this number is reached (or when the cases have been used up); thanks to the “zero” button it is possible to reset the counter and restart printing.

If you want to print a quantity of undefined cases, you can enter the number 9999 so that the marker will print until the cases loaded in the loader are exhausted.

It is possible to mark up to 300 pieces per minute. Being a very fast marker, the presence of an operator during printing is recommended both for refuelling the loader and for a visual check of correct operation.





Each model is supplied together with a kit of 2 or 3 mm numerical characters (size to be specified at the time of purchase) and an additional alphabetical kit with a letter character from A to Z is available as an option.







There are 3 models:

  • FP MY380 automatic marker that allows printing on cartons up to 160 mm in width and 300 mm in length. Fixed printing head.


  • FP MY300 automatic marker that allows printing on cartons up to 280 mm in width and 400 mm in length. The printing head adjustable laterally about 3-4 cm.


  • FP MY420 automatic marker that allows printing on cartons up to 400 mm in width and 500 mm in length. The printing head adjustable laterally about 3-4 cm.


Therefore, the choice of the marker depends mainly on the size of the cases to be marked and on the printing position.

For each model there is the possibility of having a modification for printing on self-assembling cases: these cases, being thicker than standard ones, would risk to jam the marker. The modification must be done in the workshop when ordering and it may no longer be possible to print thin cases with the modified marker.

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