Manual markers

MANUAL MARKERS: differences and characteristics


Manual heat transfer markers are equipment that allow printing of lot and expiry date on food and cosmetics packages. These data allow the manufacturer to trace the product in case of problems and the consumer to avoid using an expired product.

Unlike automatic machines, manual markers are cheaper, but require the presence of an operator to work and the production rate is much lower; in addition, the first ones use a solid ink roller and the latter use an inked ribbon instead.

There are 3 main models available:

  • FP DY8 manual marker

manual_marker_dy8This model is totally manual.

The operator must insert the product under the character holder and lower the lever so that the head with heated characters comes into contact with the ink ribbon and embeds the brass characters inserted manually into the character holder on the product.

The result will therefore depend on the pressure exerted by the operator and on the marking time, which is why it is recommended for small productions.

The product is equipped with an on/off button, a knob for adjusting the temperature, a safety fuse, a type-holder; at the time of purchase a numeric character kit included in the price is also provided.

The inked ribbon can be of those white or black and a length of 122 meters which allows about 4000 markings.

An optional alphabetical kit is available that contains 1 letter per type from A to Z.



  • FP HP241 semi-automatic marker

marker_ph241The FP HP241 marker has an important modernization compared to the previous model: the lever has in fact disappeared, leaving space for an electric pedal.

The operator, as in the case of the FP DY8 model and after waiting for the marker to reach the correct temperature, must position the product to be marked under the head and press the pedal. The character holder, coming down, touches the inked ribbon and transfers the ink from the ribbon to the product. Thanks to the presence of the pedal the result will be more precise and fast (about 2 seconds/cycle) as the pressure will be constant and is recommended for medium productions.

The marker is sold with a numeric character kit included in the price. Unlike the previous model and the FP HP280 model, there is no possibility to have alphabetic kits.





  • FP HP280 semi-automatic marker

marker_fp_hp_280The marker is presented as an update of the FP HP241 model and in fact the features are the same. It is important to note that the size of the characters changes and therefore it will not be possible to use the ones form the previous model; also in this case there is a numeric kit included in the price of the product. It is also possible to purchase additional alphabetic kits.


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