Plastic bins for food and technical products

The plastic containers allow the storage, even outdoors, of raw materials, industrial or foodstuffs or production waste of various kinds. They are ideal for the textile, pharmaceutical, metalworking industries and for the treatment of plastic and food materials.

There are also certified models for batteries suitable for containing exhausted batteries that prevent the spillage of polluting acids.

They can be moved with transpallet and forklift.
Thanks to their characteristics they are easy to clean, do not absorb odors and humidity and resistant to most acids, bases and oils.
All models are available with feet, runners or wheels and can be equipped, on request, with lid, tap, screw cap and ball cap.
Depending on the type of use, they are available in technical gray for industrial use or RAL 7001 gray for food.

The most popular models are:

FPCA wheeled containers – capacity 300, 500 and 1000 liters.

The trolley containers of the FPCA series are made of polyethylene and can be used in the food, industrial and health sectors to store or move goods. The FPCA 300 and 500 models are also available in light L or heavy versions P, with increased capacity.

MODELDimensions (mm)LoadVolume Weight
FPCA 300L1050x670x600 hKg. 150300 Lt.16 Kg.
FPCA 300P1050x670x600 hKg. 250300 Lt.20 kg.
FPCA 500L1240x780x900 hKg. 150500 Lt.28 Kg.
FPCA 500P1240x780x900 hKg. 300500 Lt.34 Kg.
FPCA 1000P1190x1650x1080 hKg. 7001000 Lt.70 Kg.

300 PLUS containers – dimensions mm. 1000×700 – load 300 Kg.

The 300 PLUS bins are the smallest of the series and have a maximum capacity of 300 Kg. They are available in technical or food version.

External dimensions1000x700x h 650 mm
External dimen. with wheels1000x700x h 800 mm
Internal dimensions940x640x h 500 mm
Light between your feet:Short side 505 mm
Long side 640 mm
Height of the feet120 mm
Max capacity297 dm3
Max load300 kg
Maximum range overlap1200 Kg

600 PLUS containers – dimensions mm. 1200×800 – load 500 Kg.

The 600 PLUS containers have a maximum load of 500 kg and are available in different variants. In fact, in addition to the smooth model, it is possible to have them with a front door or in the grid type, for products that need to breathe. All bins are available in technical or food gray.

External dimensions1200x800x h 850 mm
External dimensions with wheels1200x800x h 1000 mm
Internal dimensions1130x725x h 690 mm
Light between your feet:Short side 600 mm
Long side 830 mm
Height of the feet120 mm
Max capacity550 dm3
Max load500 kg
Maximum range overlap2000 Kg

700 PLUS containers – dimensions mm. 1200×1000 – load 600 Kg.

The 700 PLUS boxes are the most robust of the series and allow you to store up to 600 kg of product. They are available in smooth closed version or with hatch and, like the aforementioned models, in technical or food gray.

External dimensions1200x1000x830 h mm
External dimensions with wheels1200x1000x870 h mm
Internal dimensions1200x920x655 h mm
Height of the feet120 mm
Max capacity680 dm3
Max load600 kg
Maximum range overlap4000 Kg

ADR approved battery containers

300/600/700 PLUS approved plastic containers for the transport and storage of exhausted batteries according to the ADR regulations.
All models are equipped with an identification label showing the types of batteries that can be stored.

CF 700 series folding containers – dimensions mm. 1200×1000

The containers of the CF 700 series are useful when you need to save space in warehouses and deposits. In fact, the CF 700 models allow you to gain 63% of volume in the case of empty containers to be transported or in the warehouse: a stack of 8 closed containers is as high as a stack of 3 open containers.

The CF series is available in smooth, smooth with hatch, grilled and grilled with hatch versions. All models are completely demountable and foldable. Available in technical and food versions.

There are also boxes for food and technical products, stackable, ideal for transport and storage.
They are available in models with closed bottom, folding and grating.

benna in polietilene

In case of handling of industrial material, scraps and scraps it is possible to use the FP-BE 1000 bucket made of sturdy polyethylene with a steel base that can be fork-over with a forklift. The container has a load of 800 kg and a total capacity of 1000 liters.

Each material must be stored and handled with the right bin or containers to avoid spillage or contamination.

Contact us for any information relating to plastic containers, our representatives will find the most suitable product for your work.

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