Metal tipping buckets for scraps

Tiltable metal buckets, with forkable base for lifting with forklifters.
The containers are supplied as standard with a settling tank, sheet metal filter for the separation of liquid or solid substances and a cap for draining liquids.

The overturning is automatic and is carried out by means of the release lever. A rope allows you to operate the lever directly from the driver’s seat of the forklift and therefore to operate in maximum safety.

All containers are equipped with wheels for manual handling. On request they can be equipped with feet.

FP series tilting containers

MODELCapacityLenght*Width*Height*Load max
FP-748280 lt930750850580 Kg
FP-750300 lt1250870665600 Kg
FP-751500 lt14909758751000 Kg
FP-752750 lt157510709651350 Kg
FP-7531000 lt1680107011401500 Kg
FP-7562300 lt1780178514601800 Kg
*Measures in mm

Tilting containers with cover and reinforced

The models with cover are made like the previous ones but in addition they are equipped with cover with double hinges that can be opened in half or completely.

There are also special reinforced containers for a load of 2000 kg. Suitable for forks of mm. 180×80. These models, due to the increased flow rate, require hydraulic shock absorbers.

Mesh containers for paper collection

The paper collection containers are equipped with mesh edges with 40×40 mm mesh and 3 mm thread.

Available in two models:
FPB1800: with a capacity of 1800 liters
FPB2200: with a capacity of 2200 liters

Capacity1800 liters2200 liters
Tot lenght (P1)1630 mm 1630 mm 
Lenght (P)1365 mm 1365 mm 
Max. load500 Kg.600 Kg
Width (L)1065 mm1230 mm 
Height with wheels (H2)1760 mm 1760 mm 
Height with wheels (H3)1160 mm1160 mm 
Tare160 Kg180 Kg

There are also special models with a capacity of 600 and 5000 liters or specific models for electric forklift trucks with a capacity from 280 to 500 liters.

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