Metal containers

Metal containers are used in the industrial sector, in warehouses and in the construction sector.
They are very robust and are mainly used for the collection of processing waste and building materials.
All models can be fork-over with a forklifter and, depending on the model, can be lifted with a 4-branch chain.

There are two types of metal bins.

Closed, in mesh and with hatch containers

Stackable and very sturdy, they are available in closed sheet metal, mesh or with door. The height of the feet from the ground is (Z) 150 mm.
The standard color is gray. However, it is possible to have the boxes in a RAL color on request.

Available in the following models:

(LxPxH total)
TaraMax load
FP B621metal sheetmm. 650x700x600Kg. 29Kg. 600
FP B624Rnetmm. 1000x800x800Kg. 51Kg. 1000
FP B625metal sheetmm. 1000x800x800Kg. 91Kg. 1500
FP B625Smetal sheet with doormm. 1000x800x800Kg. 99Kg. 1500
FP B626metal sheetmm. 1200x800x800Kg. 64Kg. 1000
FP B626Smetal sheet with doormm. 1200x800x800Kg. 63Kg. 1000
FP B626SRnet with doormm. 1200x800x800Kg. 60Kg. 1000
FP B626Rnetmm. 1200x800x800Kg. 51Kg. 1000
FP B629metal sheetmm. 1700x800x600Kg. 51Kg. 500

Metal containers with opening bottom

Metallic containers in painted steel, very sturdy, suitable for the collection of processing waste and building materials.
The compact boxes allow to be lifted with the forklifters or with 4-branch chains, depending on the model and the predisposition.
The operator can open the bottom of the container by using a rope and staying at a safe distance.

Thanks to the openable bottom you can empty the bin comfortably and in a short time into larger containers or specific areas for disposal.

All standard models are without wheels. The 1000 liter series can be equipped with wheels and cover.

MODELCapacityLoadLenght L (mm)Depth P (mm)Height H (mm)Weight
Mod. FP B637Alt. 240Kg. 300880660930 (H1 660)Kg. 60
Mod. FP B637lt. 1000Kg. 1700133510351180Kg. 175
Mod. FP B637Rlt. 1000Kg. 1700133510351420 with wheelsKg. 210
Mod. FP B637C/CMlt. 1000Kg. 1700137011951255Kg. 190
Mod. FP B637CR/CRMlt. 1000Kg. 1700137011951495 with wheelsKg. 225
Mod. FP B637Dlt. 1000Kg. 1700148511851490Kg. 250
Mod. FP B638lt. 3000Kg. 5100211015351330Kg. 435
Mod. FP B638L4lt. 4000Kg. 6800225015351700Kg. 580

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