Benched vacuum machines (vertical):

BENCH VACUUM MACHINES (vertical): models and differences


vertical vacuum machineVertical vacuum machines  are equipment that allow, for example in the food industry, to prolong food storage and avoid contamination.

The vertical vacuum models allow you to vertically pack products such as rice, flour or coffee, also packaging them in squared bags (providing the machine with special templates).

Each packaging machine is equipped with a digital panel, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the times of suction and welding, and a vacuometer that helps in the regulation of the suction time (you will get an excellent suction when the indicator arrow will point on the green).

The operator must insert the bag to be sealed in the tank and, closing the lid, the machine will automatically start working for the presetted time. Once the vacuum has been vacuumed, the packaging machine will proceed to seal the bag.

At the end of the cycle, the lid opens automatically and allows the tank to be emptied.

Each machine can seal standard vacuum or specific cooking bags.

These versions cannot seal aluminium bags.

They are available in two models:

DZ280C vacuum chamber – 280 mm front bar

Medium size machine with 300x85x300 mm chamber, 10 m3/h pump andsquare packages vacuum machine 280 mm front bar.Medium size machine with 300x85x300 mm chamber, 10 m3/h pump and 280 mm front bar.

The vertical chamber can be equipped with templates to obtain square packs, becoming particularly suitable for sealing rice or corn packages.

DZ410T vacuum chamber – 400 mm front bar

vertical vacuum machine for bags

This model with increased dimensions is equipped with a 20 m3/h vacuum pump, a 400 mm sealing bar and a vacuum chamber measuring 400x350x 85/180 mm.

Compared to the previous model this one has a convex vacuum chamber lid that allows working with larger bags.

Having a larger chamber, the machine is equipped with an adjustable support on which to rest the bag during the process.

This model can also be equipped with templates to obtain squared bags.

For both models is available the filter for dusty products that prevents any damage caused by possible residues.

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