Wheeled vacuum machines


WHEELED VACUUM MACHINES: models and differences


vacuum_exampleVacuum packaging machines are equipment that allow, for example in the food industry, to prolong food storage and avoid contamination.

The wheeled models, unlike the benched models, are easily movable and allow to pack even larger bags.

As in the case of benched vacuum machines, each packaging machine is equipped with a digital panel, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the suction and welding times, and a vacuometer (vacuum level meter) which helps in regulating the suction time (an excellent suction will be obtained when the indicator arrow points to green).

The operator must insert the bag to be sealed in the bell and, by lowering the lid, the machine will automatically start working for the presetted time. Once the vacuum has been vacuumed, the packaging machine will proceed to the introduction of the technical gas (in the models that provide this function) and to the welding of the bag.

At the end of the cycle, the lid will open automatically and will allow the tank to be emptied.

Each machine can weld standard vacuum or specific cooking bags.

These versions cannot weld aluminium bags.


They are available in 4 models:



  • Wheeled vacuum chamber model DZ 400DL – 400 mm front bar

Medium-sized vacuum machine with vacuum pump of 20 m3/h, sealing bar of 400 mm and vacuum chamber 420x500x100/230 mm.

This model has a vacuum chamber with a concave bottom and a rounded cover that increases the useful height up to 230 mm in the central part.












  • Wheeled vacuum chamber model DZ 400 2E- 2 side bars 400 mm

Compared to the previous model, the DZ 400DL has two 400 mm side bars which allow to seal several bags at a time, thus halving the cycle time. The power of the pump does not change and the chamber, always with a rounded lid, has dimensions 320x420x70/130 mm.






  • Wheeled vacuum chamber model DZ 600 2S – 2 side bars of 600 mm

This machine with a larger size than the previous 2 allows faster aspirations thanks to the 40m3/h pump; the larger chamber (530x620x16/250 mm) offers the possibility to work with larger bags and, thanks to the two side sealing bars of 600, the packaging times are halved.





  • Wheeled vacuum chamber model DZ 900 2L – Shaped side bars from 500 to 760 mm

Model even larger than the previous models (990x700x900 mm) with a 40 m3/h vacuum pump. The “L” sealing bar allows you to work with bags of different sizes: with the short bar (500 mm wide) you can pack products up to 820 mm in length, while using the front bar (760 mm wide) you can pack one or more (depending on the width) produced with maximum length of 520 mm at the same time.

The dimensions of the room are 820x530x120/190 mm.




For all models, there is also a variant with a valve for the introduction of the technical gas, which makes it possible to further lengthen the storage of food, and the filter for dusty products, which prevents any damage from dust residues.



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