Pliers and pressed eyeleting machines


Pliers and pressed eyeleting machines are equipments that allow the application of the eyelets with the sole manual force of the operator.


Manual eyeleting can be divided into:


  • PLIERS EYELETING (standard model)



The operator will then apply the eyelet directly on the package to be sealed. The process requires considerable effort and will be slow and not very precise.

They are advisable for limited production as the realization of many packages with this equipment can be very tiring for the operator.













The pliers eyeleting machine with long handle (GIGA model) is used for the application of standard eyelets type 9, 7 and type 051 with minimal effort on the part of the operator.

The eyelets are inserted one at a time and during the procedure the operator will have both hands engaged.

GIGA eyeleting machine can also apply VELA type 31 eyelets (internal diameter 8.5 mm, external diameter 14.7 mm) to type 80 (internal diameter 19.4 mm, external diameter 34 mm).

For the application of the standard eyelets it is not necessary to first drill the product, while to apply the VELA type eyelets you must first drill and then apply the eyelet with the punch / riveter.

There are some types of eyelets called “self-piercing” that do not require a pre-drilled hole. Each type of eyelet requires its own puncture kit and punch / rivet.








The press, unlike the eyeleting pliers has the great advantage of being able to be fixed to the workbench, allowing the operator to exert force with one hand, keeping the product steady with the other.

The presses can apply standard eyelets for bags of pasta and biscuits (type 9, 7 and type 051) and VELA type eyelets.

The FP39 model can apply standard eyelets type 7, 9 and 051 and VELA eyelets from type 21 (internal diameter 7.2 mm, external diameter 12.8 mm) to type 31 (internal diameter 8.5 mm, external diameter 15 mm).






The MT130 model can apply standard eyelets type 7, 9 and 051 and VELA eyelets up to type 150 (internal diameter 43 mm, external diameter 61 mm).

The choice of the eyeliner depends on the size of the VELA type eyelets which must be applied to the material.









The standard eyelets are of 3 types:

-type 7 in iron or brass with internal diameter of 3 mm and external of 7;

-type 9 in iron or brass with internal diameter of 3.5 mm and external of 9;

-type 051 in iron, octane or aluminium with internal diameter of 5.5 mm and external of 9.5.

There are optional accessories such as the DIMA and the adjustable shelf: the first allows a more precise application of the eyelets, while the second facilitates the work of the operator allowing it to rest the bag and apply the eyelet with more precision.

Each eyeleting allows you to apply only one type of eyelets.

On request it is also possible to create eyeleting machines suitable to apply also other types of eyelets.





VELA eyelets are eyelets larger in size than standard eyelets for packaging. They are used for eyelet sheets and banner ads.

To insert a sail eyelet, first install the puncture kit on the pliers to make a pre-drilled hole and then apply the eyelet by inserting the riveting kit.

The punches are interchangeable with ease and when ordering it is necessary to specify which type of eyelet you want to use. The eyelets must be inserted manually on the punch and the clamp is therefore suitable for low productions.


EYELETS External diameter Hole diameter
VELA 21 12,8 7,2
VELA 31 14,7 8,5
VELA 31 1/4 14,7 8,5
VELA 31 TP. 15 8,5
VELA 40 1/4 18,7 10
VELA 40 18,7 10
VELA 40 1/2 18,7 10
VELA 40 1/2 SP. 20 9,8
VELA 50 1/3 22,5 12
VELA 50 22,5 12
VELA 60 23,5 14
VELA 70 29 17,5
VELA 80 34 19,4
VELA 100 49 26,8
VELA 150 61,7 43

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