Welding machines for blisters

WELDING MACHINES FOR BLISTERS: models and characteristics


The portable welders are small equipment particularly suitable for the welding of trays and plastic blisters.

The welding punches, which they are equipped, transmit heat to the plastic material and instantly weld it with a resistant point that replaces the dangerous staples.


They are divided into two categories:


  • Ultrasonic welder model ME 405 US

welding_machine_ME405US                                                          saldatrici_ultrasuoni_ME405US


This small and very handy welding machine makes it possible to quickly and accurately weld trays and blisters in OPS, PSP, PVC, ESP and PET without smearing thanks to the ultrasonic technology.

The machine is supplied with a transformer on which there are the knob for adjusting the welding time, the on/off button and the connection for the welding head.

The sealing head does not need to be pre-heated and has a warning light that comes on when the welding machine is operating, signalling to the operator when he has finished welding.






  • Hot bar welder model ME 105 CH


welding_machine_me105ch                                                          heat_welding_machine_me105ch

This model, unlike the previous one, welds the plastic material (OPS, PSP, PVC, EPS) with the constant heat of the two sealing bars.

The welding machine, always clamped, is connected directly to the 220 volt current; on it is placed a two position thermo-regulator and, once turned on, it takes about 10 minutes for it to heat up.

Hot welding will be less precise and the operator will decide how long to weld since there is no indication light as in the previous case.

For the welding of lots of trays/blisters we recommend the model ME 405 US as it is faster and more precise.



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