Bins in plastic and iron containers that can be used in the technical and food industries for the storage and handling of numerous types of goods. They can be made in different sizes, be equipped with wheels, bartacks and lids. Some versions can be installed on bridge cranes or handled […]

Bins and containers

sigillare scatole in cartone
High thicknesses carton stapler Jumbo allows you to easily seal the top of boxes, even if made with thick cardboard such as double or triple corrugated types up to 25 mm thick. To carry out the operation, simply connect the machine to the compressed air, place it on the surface […]

Specificic stapler for high thickness cartons

clippatrici per gabbioni
The gabions hog pliers are very strong manual or pneumatic clippers of large dimensions with ring closure.They use 45mm clips. with wire diam 3 mm. and can close up to a diameter of 15 mm. They are suitable for the assembly of mesh containment gabions, wire mesh structures and fences, […]

Containment gabions hog pliers

clippatrici per sacchetti
Hog pliers for bags and nets are equipment that apply a metal ring (iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum) and are used for the coupling of metal nets and for closing sacks and bags.We also always have the special and certified model for gabions available. Manual hog pliers The […]

Pneumatical and manual hog pliers

marcatori per date e lotti
Batch and deadlines markers on boxes, cans and labels.The indelible marking of codes, lots and expirations is mandatory to trace a specific production lot and to indicate to the final consumer the expiry date of a product.It must therefore be indelible, clearly legible and immediately identifiable by the customer. For […]

Batch and expiry markers

graffatrici per scatole
Professional boxes staplers are used to close the upper part of cardboard boxes with a staple.The metal point guarantees a high seal during handling and transport of the box.The application of the staple is also very quick and safe. The staplers with staple are used in combination and in some […]

Carton boxes staplers

reggiatura con reggetta tessile
The textile polyester strap thanks to its elongation characteristics, high shock absorption capacity and high resistance is suitable for fixing heavy loads (wood, glass, marble, machinery, complete loads on railway wagons, etc.).The strap is as strong as steel but it is light, soft, safe, does not rust, does not damage […]

Textile strap strapping

metallic strapping
Strapping with metal strap is usually used when particularly bulky or heavy packages have to be tied. As a rule, where possible, we prefer to use the plastic or textile polyester strap as they are more easily managed. The metal strap is available in various types, with different different characteristics.The […]

Strapping with metal strap