MARKERS FOR CASES AND LABELS: everything you need to know When you want to sell or trade a certain product, especially when it comes to food and cosmetic ones, you need to make sure you can track it at any time. For this reason, it is necessary to mark it with […]

Markers for cases and labels

Mechanical eyeleting machines: models and functioning The mechanical eyeleting machines are facilities that allow the application of a printed cardboard on food packaging such as pasta, biscuits, hazelnuts and flour through the eyelets. The card allows you to write batch, expiry, nutritional and content information without going to write directly […]

Mechanical eyeleting

CREAMS DOSING: RICOTTA CHEESE The dispensers for sauces and creams with pneumatic piston PPF series are especially useful when is necessary to dose the product from large containers normally used for the production, storage and transport in smaller containers such as can be made of glass jars or pastry bag. […]

Creams dosing: ricotta cheese

HAZELNUTS VACUUM PACKAGING The hazelnuts harvest usually takes place in autumn, when the fruit is fully ripe and can be removed easily from the tree falling to the ground. In some areas harvesting begins even before late August. The hazelnuts are in general harvested from the ground, but sometimes to facilitate […]

Hazelnuts vacuum packaging

Manual sealing claps: types and uses. When you have the need to seal bags and envelopes in different positions within companies, factories and other workplaces, you can easily solve the problem by choosing a welding clamp. These can be transported easily, have a low weight and allowing to close even bags […]

Manual sealing clamps: types and uses

VACUUM PACKAGING MACHINES: TYPES AND USES The vacuum preservation is a technique especially used in the food industry to extend the life of the food and prevent contamination. In recent years it has also extended to the cooking of foods that are cooked directly in the bag after being placed […]

Vacuum packaging machines: types – uses

WHAT ARE THE EYELETTING MACHINES ? The eyelet machines are used in the food industry where there are widely used for applying eyelets on bags of pasta and sweets and sometimes in paper converting industries, banks or post offices. There are different types of eyelets. They range from manual models, […]

Eyeletting machines: what they are

SACKS AND BAGS SEALERS Sealing equipments allows you to join two flaps of sealable materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, trays). They are normally used to hermetically close bags made of polyethylene, polypropylene, laminated materials (aluminum or paper). Depending on the use and thickness of the material to be sealed may have sealing bars of  2, […]

Sacks and bags sealers

Sewing net bags, sacks of potatoes, firewood etc .. In addition to the classic jute, plastic and paper bags, we often deal with net sacks such as potato, firewood, walnuts, chestnuts and oranges sacks. The stitching of these bags is easily executable.   Regarding import models, we recommend the GK […]

Sewing net bags

Sewing sandbags In addition to the classic jute, plastic and paper bags, we often deal with sandbags used during floods and heavy rains. The 100% polyester thread is highly water resistant ensuring and log-lasting.   If the quantity of bags is very high or if it is necessary to have […]

Sewing sandbags